Casarini Family

The Casarini family can testify to the fact that the pull of tradition is always powerful.
A half-century ago, spouses Gianni and Giuliana moved from the Oltrepò Pavese to the shores of Lake Garda. With them they brought the winegrowing heritage that had been passed down by their grandparents. That generational seed took root as well in their children Elena and Raffaele.
In 1990, the Casarinis purchased a farmstead in the village of Casaloldo, near Pozzolengo.
It is not hard to understand how they fell in love with the breath-taking panorama that one enjoys from the old farm residence; rising atop the last morainic hill, the house boasts a view of the entire valley, as far as the lake’s azure waters.
The family began to study the characteristics of that fortune-blest property; their research confirmed that its conditions were ideal for viticulture: limestone-clay soils rich in minerals and a special climate shaped by lake breezes and a lack of spring freezes.
Beginning in 2010, the first vineyards of Turbiana were planted around the farming complex.
In 2012, mamma Giuliana formally launched the winery.
Three years later, a second planting brought the young winery to a total of five hectares of estate vineyards.
2019 brought the first bottle of wine. After a few more months, tastings of this freshly-made Lugana, produced in only 6,000 bottles, convinced Casarinis that their project was indeed a solid one.
The result of the 2020 harvest provided ample further confirmation.
In the meantime, very positive reception by wine-lovers and restaurateurs grew apace, along with the desire to enlarge the Poggio al Garda project: further details will be revealed in the coming months…